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LOCATED IN THE ART DISTRICT AT 807 S. MAIN ST. LAS VEGAS, NV 89101 // (702) 476-9477


Botanas (Appetizers)

Cicharrones Caseros

Fresh homemade seasoned fried pork skins, served with salsa verde, avocado, queso fresco and tortillas 12

Cochinita Pibil

Marinated pork in an achiote recipe, slowly roasted until tender, served wrapped in three lightly seared mini tortillas, topped with seasoned marinated onions and Mexican crema 11


12” flour or corn masa tortillas with melted house blend Oaxaca cheese, served with guacamole, pico de Gallo and sour cream 13 ADD: Braised Chicken / Shredded Beef / Grilled Chicken / Carnitas / Chicken Tinga / Carne Asada* / Sautéed Veggies / Shrimp 3

Queso Fundido

Mexican blend of traditional Oaxaca and queso menonita cheese melted in a cast iron pan, served with choice of flour or corn mini tortillas 13 CHOICE OF: Chorizo, Grilled Onions or Chiles Toreados 2


Three tender meatballs with a smoky chipolte sauce, topped with our house marinated onions and crema, served with toasted bolillo or fresh corn masa tortillas 13


Shrimp cooked in a fresh lime, tomato, purple onion, cucumber and cilantro recipe. Served with sliced avocado, lime and mini tostaditas 19 ADD: Octopus 5

Campechana (Mexican Seafood Cocktail)

Shrimp, mussels and octopus in a homemade pico de gallo, cucumber and lime recipe with Mexican cocktail sauce, served with sliced avocado, lime and tostaditas 29

Cocina Nachos

Homestyle tortilla chips or Leticia’s seasoned fries, pinto beans or black beans, melted house blend Oaxaca cheese, topped with guacamole, pico de Gallo and sour cream. CHOICE OF: Braised or Grilled Chicken / Steak Ranchera / Chicken Tinga / Ground Beef Picadillo / Chorizo / Rajas Con Queso / Chile Verde Carnitas 14 ADD: Two Eggs* 2


Mexican grilled corn with butter, Mexican crema sauce, queso cotija and a hint of tajin powder and lime 6

Shrimp Jalapeño Poppers

Two tiger prawn shrimp stuffed with a hint of our house blend cheese, wrapped in bacon, grilled jalapeño, dipped in a beer batter and fried, served with our chipotle aioli sauce 14


Avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños and fresh limes, topped with queso cotija, queso fresco and crispy tortilla strips 14 / 21 ADD: Shrimp Seared in Abuelo spicy sauce 3

Sopas y Ensaladas (Soup & Salad)

Chips and salsa are complimentary up to two servings with meals and bar service. For any additional guests who wish to order soft drinks or iced tea only, chips and salsa will be an additional fee of 5.

Sopa de Fideo

fine fideo pasta in a chicken and tomato-based broth (it feeds the soul!) 7 / 9


Authentic chicken broth with shredded chicken, Mexican rice, side of avocado, queso fresco, chopped onion, jalapeños, cilantro and lime, served with a mini corn tortilla quesadilla with rajas 9 / 11

Pozole Rojo

Made with tender beef and pork slowly cooked with a blend of red guajillo sauce and Leticia’s special spices and hominy, served traditionally with tostaditas, lime, chopped onions, cilantro, shredded cabbage, radishes, oregano, crushed chile and avocado 16 / 19

Pozole Blanco

Homemade blend of spices, toasted tortillas simmered in our chicken and hominy broth, served with shredded chicken, topped with crispy tortilla strips, roasted guajillo, avocado, onions, cilantro, shredded cabbage and lime 12 / 18


Traditional breakfast or brunch soup made with beef tripe and hominy in a red chili broth and served with a side of lettuce, radishes, crushed peppers, chopped onion, cilantro, lime, oregano, avocado and tostaditas 18

Sopa de Tortilla

A blend of broth and spices, served with shredded chicken, topped with crispy tortilla strips, roasted guajillo, avocado, crema and queso cotija 11 / 13

Side Salad

Tossed mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and queso fresco with choice of house vinagreta or ranch 8

Salad Bowl (Al Gusto)

CHOOSE ONE: crispy flour tortilla bowl / bowl
CHOOSE ONE: spring mix / iceberg / cabbage
CHOOSE ONE: Mexican rice / vegetarian cilantro rice
CHOOSE ONE: refried beans / vegetarian black beans
CHOOSE ONE: ground beef picadillo / braised chicken / carne asada* / chicken tinga / shredded beef / sautéed veggies
CHOOSE ANY: pico de gallo / sour cream / guacamole / oaxaca blend cheese
ADD: Ribeye* or Shrimp 3

Guisados De Casa

Chips and salsa are complimentary up to two servings with meals and bar service. For guests who wish to order soft drinks or iced tea only, chips and salsa will be a fee of 5.

Choice Combination

Any two: enchilada / a crispy or soft taco / taquito with rice and beans and fideo soup or a side salad 17

Mole Poblano

Tender chicken or pork, our traditional mole poblano sauce, topped with marinated onion and sprinkled with ajonjoli (sesame seeds), served with arroz poblano and beans and choice of tortillas 18


Traditional beef birria cooked until tender in special spices, served with the birria consomé, side of chopped onions, cilantro, salsa verde and avocado, rice and beans, choice of tortillas 22

Steak Ranchero*

carne asada seared with caramelized onions and jalapeños rajas and corn wheels, in ranchera sauce, served with rice and beans and choice of tortillas 19

Chile Verde

Slowly cooked pork and potatoes in a medium spice and tomatillo sauce, served with rice and beans and choice of tortillas 19

Chilango Torta

Toasted bolillo roll with Oaxaca seared cheese, beans, beef birria, chopped onions, cilantro and lime served with birria consomé and pickled jalapeños 18


Toasted Mexican bolillo roll with refried beans, guacamole, Leticia’s special onions, lettuce, pico de gallo, Oaxaca cheese and choice of fillings, served with choice of rice / french fries 17
CHOOSE FILLING: Grilled Chicken / Chicken Tinga / Albondigas / Milanesa Chicken or Steak / Pork Mole or Chicken Mole

Comida Corrida (Leticia’s Specials)

Three-Course Specials (19 per person) 
Served Monday-Friday, Opening to 5 PM (except for holidays). 
Below specials are served with a choice of: Fideo soup / Salad. All-you-can-drink Iced tea / Soda and a dessert. Please no substitutions.


Steak Chilaquiles*

Carne asada and chilaquiles served with refried beans, sliced avocado, tortillas chilaquiles topped with onions, crema and queso cotija. CHOICE OF SAUCE: mole / ranchera / tomatillo verde



Sliced toasted bolillo roll with beans, melted Oaxaca cheese, choice of cochinita pibil, chicken tinga, grilled chicken, carnitas or rajas con queso, topped with pico de gallo, side of salsa verde


Bisteque Ranchero*

Sliced sirloin steak seared with onions, potatoes, corn wheels and poblano rajas, served with Mexican rice, refried beans, avocado slices and choice of tortillas


QuesaBirria Taco

Seared fresh corn tortillas in birria sauce, melted Oaxaca cheese, topped with cilantro and onions, served with birria consomé, salsa verde, sliced avocado and Mexican rice


Albondigas de Casa

House-made meatballs made in a smoky chipotle tomato sauce, served with Mexican rice and beans, and tortillas

SELECT DESSERT: Churro, Flan, or Mexican Chocolate Cake

Lo Tipico

Selections are served with choice of Mexican Rice / Vegetarian Cilantro Rice / Refried Beans / Vegetarian Black Beans with Sour Cream / Sautéed Vegetables / Salad or Poblano White Rice Casserole (add 2)


Traditional boneless tender pork with special herbs and spices, served with lime, pico de gallo, guacamole, chicharrones and choice of tortillas 22

Carne Asada*

Char-grilled top sirloin steak seasoned with Leticia’s special spices and topped with grilled sautéed onions and chile toreados, served with queso fresco, pico de gallo, lime, guacamole and choice of tortillas 21 Chilango-Style: topped with guajillo and tomatillo sauce and melted house blend Oaxaca cheese 2

Taquitos or Flautas

Three, choice of shredded chicken / shredded beef / pork carnitas or potatoes and cheese wrapped in corn or flour tortillas, fried until crispy, topped with lettuce, house blend Oaxaca cheese, cotija cheese, crema and pico de gallo 14

Enchiladas Style

With choice of sauce, crema and queso cotija 2

Enchiladas Tipicas

Experience Mexico’s different regions of amazing flavors with choice of rice and beans

Chefs Enchiladas Rancheras 

Ground beef, picadillo, ranchera sauce, lettuce, crema and queso cotija 18

Suizas De Mexico City

Creamy verde sauce, choice of chicken or pork, melted queso, crema and cebollitas 17

Totolapan De Oaxaca

Mole rojo sauce or mole poblano, chicken or pork topped with queso fresco, crema, cebollitas and toasted sesame seeds 18

Potocinas De San Luis Potosi 

Tortillas seared in a guajillo red sauce, filled with a Oaxaca melted blend cheese and onions, topped with lettuce, queso fresco, crema and cotija cheese 16 ADD: Braised Chicken / Shredded Beef / Pork Carnitas / Chicken Tinga / Sauteed Veggies / Carne Asada* 2

Spinach and Mushroom

Two enchiladas made with Leticia’s white cream and cheese sauce, served with poblano white rice casserole with crema, cheese and rajas 18 ADD: Sautéed Veggies 2 / Fish or Shrimp 4

Chile Rellenos “Carmelita”

Roasted poblano pepper, with choice of special beef picadillo or house blend Oaxaca cheese, lightly battered, fried and smothered with Carmelita’s sauce or your favorite sauce, melted Oaxaca cheese, crema and choice of tortillas 17

Special Rellenos (with our without batter)

Choice of meat or sauteed vegetables filling and sauce 18


Two corn masa sopes filled with beans, topped with crema, house blend cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo and queso cotija, served with rice and beans 14 CHOICE OF: Cochinita Pibil / Grilled or Braised Chicken / Shredded Beef / Carnitas / Chicken Tinga / Sautéed Vegetables / Chorizo and Potatoes


Two stuffed empanadas topped with crema and queso cotija and served with salsa verde, rice and beans 14 CHOICE OF: Cochinita Pibil / Shrimp & Chorizo / Ground Beef / Chicken Tinga / Queso & Poblano Rajas


Served with choice of rice and beans

Make Your Own

CHOICE OF: Chile Verde / Chicken Tinga / Shredded Beef / Grilled or Braised Chicken / Pork Carnitas / Al Pastor / Cochinita Pibil / Albondigas, with guacamole, pico de gallo and cheese, served with rice and beans 18
Enchilada Or Chimichanga Style: verde tomatillo / rojo guajillo / ranchera / mole /chili de arbol / creamy cheese sauce
Additional: Ribeye* / Shrimp / Fish add 2
Vegetarian Options: Black Beans / Cilantro Rice / Rajas con Queso / Potato & Cheese


With beans and Oaxaca cheese 13

Chilango Burro

Beef birria with black or pinto beans, melted Oaxaca cheese, onion, cilantro, cilantro rice, topped with birria consomé and Mexican rice 18

Ranchera Steak*

Top sirloin steak with queso fresco cheese, sauteed onions and jalapenos toreados and guacamole 17


Tacos del Mar

Two tacos with seared fish or shrimp, topped with cabbage and radish, chipotle cream aioli and Oaxaca cheese, in flour or corn tortillas, with black beans and cilantro rice 15

Crispy Tacos

CHOICE OF TWO: shredded beef / pork carnitas / braised chicken / ground beef / chicken tinga / chorizo and beans, topped with shredded lettuce and house blend cheese, served with a garnish of pico de gallo and rice and beans 13

Puffy Tacos

Freshly fried pure corn masa, chef’s choice fillings, chile verde / beans and chorizo / carnitas, topped with lettuce, house blend cheese with rice and beans 17

Gourmet Tacos

Two fresh homemade chipotle corn masa tortillas, melted Oaxaca cheese, filled with choice of: ribeye* / shrimp / adobo pork topped with rajas con queso and sautéed vegetables, with sliced avocado and chipotle cream aioli, request spicy, medium or mild, with rice and beans 21


Two beef QuesaBirria Tacos seared in birria sauce, melted Oaxaca cheese, chopped onion, cilantro, lime, served with beef birria consomme and Mexican rice 18

Street Taco Platter

Three fresh corn masa or flour tortillas with choice of Carne Asada* / Grilled Chicken / Carnitas / Poblano Rajas con Queso, topped with chopped onions and cilantro, lime, served with choice of rice, beans and salsa 16 Additional choices: Al Pastor / Beef Birria / Churrascado Steak* / Cochinita Pibil / Ribeye* add 1 ea.

Ensenada-Style Tacos

Two beer-battered fish or shrimp tacos topped with cabbage and radish, pico de gallo, chipotle cream aioli and Oaxaca cheese, served with Mexican or cilantro rice, choice of flour or corn tortillas 16

Leticia’s QuesaTacos (Award-Winning)

A blend of melted Oaxaca cheese seared and stuffed with our shrimp cooked in Leticia’s abuelo sauce (mild, medium or spicy), topped with our chipotle cream aioli, served with poblano white rice casserole 18 Filling Choices: Grilled Chicken / Carne Asada* / Carnitas / Chicken Tinga / Sautéed Veggies

Mariscos (Seafood)


Chile poblano filled with shrimp topped with our white creamy cheese sauce or choice of sauce, served with black beans, cilantro rice and choice of tortillas 22

Enchiladas del Mar

Shrimp and/or fish in Leticia’s white cream and cheese sauce / spicy chile de arbol, served with poblano white rice casserole 22 ADD: Lobster Tail 10

Camarones o Pescado al Mojo de Ajo

Plump shrimp or fish cooked in a garlic butter sauce with a touch of spicy abuelo sauce served with poblano white rice casserole and mixed green salad 26 ADD: Carne Asada* 8

Camarones a la Diabla

Tiger prawn shrimp stuffed with house blend Oaxaca cheese and wrapped in bacon and fried crispy, served on a bed of chile de arbol sauce with our poblano white rice casserole 24 ADD: Carne Asada* 8

El Molcajete

The Authentic Mexican Style*
Grilled carne asada, grilled chicken, tiger prawn shrimp, grilled seasoned nopales (Mexican cactus), served sizzling in a molcajete, salsa ranchera, chile and onion toreados and queso Oaxaca, served with Mexican rice and beans with a garnish of guacamole, pico de gallo and choice of tortilla 36 choose bone-in ribeye* add 8 ADD: Two Camarones Wrapped in Bacon 8

Molcajete del Mar

Tiger prawn shrimp, lobster tail, clams, mussels, grilled fish, octopus and grilled nopales sizzling in a seafood sauce in a hot molcajete with poblano white rice casserole 38

Chamorro Adobado

Pork shank marinated 24 hours in an adobo blend of spices, slow-cooked until tender, served with tomatillo salsa with avocado, arroz poblano and tortillas 24

Parillada (Fajitas)

Leticia’s blend of herbs and spices seared with zucchini / mushrooms / tomatoes / green peppers / onions in a sizzling cast iron skillet, with rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and choice of tortillas
Vegetarian Fajitas Single 17 / Double 19
Carne Asada* Single 24 / Double 38
Shrimp Single 32 / Double 44
Two Proteins Single 28 / Double 44
Chicken Single 20 / Double 38


Three split beef bone marrow grilled with Leticia’s spices and a roasted corn herb topping, served with an ajonjoli and cacahuate spicy salsa, caramelized onions and jalapeños, corn masa tortillas, and a shooter of Mezcal 32


Grilled 16oz strip steak on a sizzling skillet with Leticia’s spices and smoked chorizo, topped with house chimichurri, Mexican grilled corn, roasted cheesy potatos, ajonjoli and cacahuate spicy salsa, sautéed onions and jalapeños, and choice of tortillas 48 ADD: Two Grilled Shrimp 8 / Lobster 10

Sopa De Mariscos

A Mexican seafood bouillabaisse; tiger prawns, clams, mussels, fish, octopus in a robust tomato broth cooked with a hint of roasted chile de arbol, garlic cheese bread, a side of chopped onions, cilantro, avocado and lime 36 ADD: Lobster Tail 10


Two freshly cooked tamales of your choice, served with rice and beans 16  Enjoy enchilada style, choice of sauce TAMALE CHOICES: chicken / beef / pork / rajas con queso
HALF DOZEN 24 / DOZEN 38 (by the dozen pre orders)

Pescado al Pastor

Seared sea bass in our home-made adobo sauce, served with tossed greens, arroz poblano and our habanero mango salsa and tortillas 32

Sides & Salsas


Shredded Cheese 1

Queso Fresco 2

Sour Cream .50¢

Guacamole 3

Chopped Jalapeños .75¢

Mexican Rice 4

Vegetarian Cilantro Rice 4

Poblano White Rice Casserole 5

Casserole 5

Refried Beans 4

Vegetarian Black Beans with Sour Cream 4

Papas con Queso 3

Corn or Flour Tortillas (Three) 2

Pico de Gallo 2

Chips and Salsa 5

French Fries 5

Sautéed Vegetables 7


Salsa Matcha 4

Habanero 4

Diabla 4

Cacahuate 5

Bebidas (Beverages)

Ice Teas, Lemonade & Juice

Freshly Brewed Ice Tea 4

Raspberry, Mango or Peach Iced Tea 4 (no free refills)

Strawberry Lemonade 4 (no free refills)

Apple / Orange / Cranberry Juice 4 (no free refills)

Milk / Chocolate Milk 4 (no free refills)

Soft Drinks 4


Diet Pepsi

Pepsi Whild Cherry

Mtn. Dew

Mug Root Beer

Papas con Queso 3

Sierra Mist

Agua Frescas

Seasonal fruit selections of homemade aguas made fresh daily: Jamaica, Tamarindo, Horchata, Sandia, Melon, ask your server for daily selection 5

Original Mexican Coke

Made with pure cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup 5