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LOCATED IN THE ART DISTRICT AT 807 S. MAIN ST. LAS VEGAS, NV 89101 // (702) 476-9477


Leticia Mitchelle

Leticia Mitchelle

Her mother’s influence fostered her passion and joy for cooking because it nurtured a tight bond of family and friends creating wonderful memories through the aromas and flavors that emanate with each bite.

Chef Leticia commits to always providing a Fresh and Authentic Mexican Cuisine Experience. Just as if it were prepared in her mother’s kitchen, using fresh garden ingredients. Most importantly: never using canned or processed food or never using yellow cheese! Your salsas are made with fresh ingredients daily and guacamole always prepared to order and made fresh each day, you will smell the aromas all throughout Leticia’s “Tu Casa”, you can taste the fresh corn masa,  delicious tortillas made fresh to order.

Chef Leticia brings the real flavors of Mexico to your table, with traditional home cooked regional dishes for your experience.

 Buen Provecho!